28 November 2011Twitter

We are now on Twitter to keep everyone updated quicker if there is any developements in the area and to inform anyone of disruptive work at the KGS site so follow us on Twitter at



20 November 2011Sunday worknig KGS

Morrison Construction have been given planning permission to carry out certain works on a Sunday at the KGS site, they are trying to keep the disruption to a minimum but if this affects you in any way let KETRA know and we can speak to them on your behalf.  If you would like to be notified in advanve of any extra work planned leave a message on here and we will arrange it.

Look out for the posters in the noticeboards for more information, its also our AGM on Thursday at 7pm in the Lambaness room so come along if you have anything you would like to ask

31 July 2011Waste collection survey

Hi all

You should have received a copy of the survey through the door, please take the time to fill it in and return it to the OIC.  KETRA are working on various options and are speaking to the relevant departments in the OIC.  If you have any concerns or ideas about the proposed fortnightly collections get in touch with one of the committee members and we can include them in our discussions.

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