Hiding a page from the menu

Once you have created a page you are able to hide it from the menu.

You may want to do this for a number of reasons:

  • You wish to switch off one of the 'standard pages' such as Guestbook, Blog, Links, etc. if you don't use them
  • You have created a seasonal page i.e. a Christmas page could be switched on in December, but switched off in January and left dormant untill next year when you can switch it back on.
  • The page is still incomplete and you do not wish it to be publicly visible.
  • You simply wish to link to it from another page (maybe it is an aside to something you've said, or you simply have a lot of pages and wish to keep your menu to a reasonably size).
  • It is a page you have composed aimed a particular person or group of people (you could send them an email with a link to the hidden page)
  • It is a page you have protected so only site administrators can view it.

Log in, then on the Site Admin page click on 'Site Settings' to expand the options displayed, and click on 'Switch Pages On/Off'.

select switch pages on/off in your site admin

On the page that loads use the table below to select the page you wish to change the visibility of. Click on the 'change' link to the right of the page you wish to change.

hide or suspend your pages by clicking on the relevent link next to them


Change Page Visiblity

There are 4 different options available for each page on your site except your home page.

   VISIBLE - page is shown on the menu and is visible to everyone.

   HIDDEN - page is not shown on the menu but can be viewed by anyone who knows the address or through a link in another page or a search engine.

   PROTECTED - page is shown on the menu only to administrators when they are logged in. Visitors will be bounced back to the home page if they try to access it. Allows you to create page but not publish them until they are ready, or use your calendar as a non-public diary for your staff or members.

   SWITCHED OFF - page is not shown on the menu and visitors will be bounced back to the home page if they try to access it.

Simply select the desired level of visibility from the drop down menu then click the 'Update' button.

Note: - Any page which is not visible on the menu will not appear on your Sitemap. However, it will still be visible and found by search engines as long as you link to it from other pages within your site.
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