Editing a page

Once logged in to your site select the page you wish to edit from your menu on the left of your screen - for instance your Home page.

The page will load, revealing a Title and "Edit Page" and "Change Page Properties" buttons (more about the second of these later). Click on Edit Page and a blank text field will appear, topped by a formatting toolbar similar to those you will have used in Word or another word processor.

You can then type new text into this field, or copy and paste it from a text editor such as Notepad. Then use the buttons in the formatting bar above the text to change font sizes, add links and horizontal rules, indent text or make bulleted lists, change text justification and of course set text to be bold, italic or underlined. You can also use the image icon on this toolbar to insert new images into the page. (see 'adding a new image')

Once you've made your changes, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The page refreshes automatically and your changes are immediately visible. If someone else is viewing your site at the same time, the changes are visible to them too, but not the text editor or editing buttons! That's how easy it is.

Tip 1:- Don't spend time typing long sections of text into the editing section. Remember the screen is a web form and if your computer crashes or your Internet connection goes down you could lose what you type. It's better to type it out in a simple text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad first, saving it as you go, and then cut and paste it into the editing system later.

Tip 2:- If, after making changes in the editing section, you decide you do not want to submit your changes, simply don't click on the 'Submit Changes' button, and your changes won't be recorded. Simply click on another page.

Tip 3:- Don't copy and paste directly from Word into your site's text editor. Word adds many invisible formatting code to its text, and when this is pasted into the site it can 'confuse' the browser resulting in the page not being formatted correctly. Prepare your text in Notepad instead, or if you work on a Mac, TextEdit.

HELP:- I don't see the editor!

A few unfortunate users won't be able to use the editor because the computer they are using is behind a firewall which restricts that sort of thing. Below the Submit Changes button there is a link saying 'If you can't see the editor or want to use another one, click here'. Give that a try!

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