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Finance & Paperwork

I thought I would add a page especially for the 'boring' bit of Guiding, so here it is. Finance & Paperwork

You will all be aware our financial year ends 30 June. You must have your acounts in the new format to send off to OSCR. Remember if you default on sending back OSCR form, you may have charity status revoked for your unit. Please ensure accounts are kept up to date, and finalised correctly at end of year.

OSCR send out forms a day or 2 after our year end, so the sooner you get the accounts done, the sooner you can complete the form

GO! must also be kept up to date, especially on the run up to census time. Girlguiding send out Invoices in February to all units, and it is the respnsibility of the Unit to pay this on time. Remember, if the unit doesnt pay, then the county does not get its part of the payment. Any problems with GO!, please contact Fran or Coreen



 June 2011

Well Done Orkney!!! all units have paid their census, so UK can send back our share now! We thank all leaders for paying, and hope we can do the same next year!!

June 2011


If you are having difficulties, please contact Alison Mainland. Also please remember to use the new format for accounts, as this keeps everyone the same, and keeps OSCR happy

OSCR. Another subject! a few units have still not sent off last years form/sheets. Can I remind Units that you are Trustees, ans as such, YOU are liable. the form is very simple to complete. Again, any problems, please contact Alison

August 2011

West Mainland units please send your accounts and reports to Fran,

Kirkwall and East Mainland are to go to Sue, but as she has moved to Shapinsay, please send your accounts and reports to either Katrina Black or Alison Mainland

Isles to send to Myra Stockton

having been checking with OSCR, some units have defaulted from last year. this must be resolved NOW. units should contact OSCR to let them know when info can be returned.

remember to claim Gift Aid too! Its well worth it!


October 2012

If you dont have the computer version of accounts, I have put a master copy in the LIBRARY page, under FINANCE

Please remember to send your accounts (copy) off to OSCR with the completed form. Any queries, contact Alison M

Please remember to send a copy of the accounts, along with your yearly unit report, to your district commissioner. Kirkwall - Sue Brown. (Or pop them past Katrina B or Alison M). West - Rosemary Horton. Isles - Myra Stockan

January 2013

Please can all leaders check the information on GO! as the census invoices will be available very soon.

If you haven't already finished your accounts for June 2012, remember that reminders will be coming out from OSCR shortly, so please get them done now - and remember to send a copy of the R&P to your DC





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