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OLIVIA The first Rainbow Guide.
For the first time in Stromness Rainbows History we have our very own OLIVIA Rainbow Guide. 25 Years ago Rainbow Guides began for girls aged 5-6 providing crafts and games for the Pre-Brownie age, a girl only space.  All Rainbows joining were told the story of the first Rainbow Guide, Olivia, who has become the Rainbow Mascot and still features in all the literature for Rainbows, attends many a Rainbow session as a soft cuddly doll and is ready online at the girl guiding website to play games and tell stories to anyone who visits the Rainbow pages there, www.girlguiding.org.uk .  One of the most popular Rainbow crafts over the years for Stromness Rainbows has been the “dress an Olivia doll craft” where girls get to design a whole wardrobe of paper clothes to dress a cardboard Olivia in.   This year we were able to add a new twist as for the first time ever; we had a real Olivia Rainbow Guide to dress!  The girls are pictured here with one of their many chosen outfits on Olivia (centre).  It leaves us wondering how many years we will need to wait to play that dress up game again!!??!!


To Celebrate Rainbow Guides 25th Birthday year, 1st Stromness Rainbow Guides held a “St Andrew’s Day” party on St Andrews Day this year.  Everyone came along wearing or carrying something Scottish, we played old favourite games with a special Scottish twist, ate some Scottish inspired pancakes, scones, shortbread and oatcakes and cheese and washed it down with Irn Bru.  Then Isla Chalmers demonstrated some Highland Dancing, performing the Sword Dance for us, before teaching the girls a few basic steps so that we could all have a go!! 



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