Welcome to Girguiding Orkney.

Registered Charity No SC022676

We have 5 Rainbow units, 2 Joint Brownie/Rainbow units, 12 Brownie units, 7 Guide units and 1 Senior Section unit. We also have a Trefoil Guild. We have 400+ members in Orkney.

Have a look at all the information and ideas available at Girlguiding UK and also Girlguiding Scotland

We have 33 Leaders in Orkney. They give a total of approximately 3,300 hours to Girlguiding Orkney each year.


Our seven CCs past, present and future


Our best news of the year yet!  We now have a vibrant, growing Senior Section group and 2 adult leaders to facilitate their activities.  Even if you haven't been in the family of Guiding before you can join The Senior Section if you are aged between 14 and 25.  You'll have great opportunities to take part in varied activities as well as travel, service and FUN so don't wait, get in touch with emma@wooldrage.com for more information.












We have so many girls keen to join units across the county to experience the fun and adventure of guiding in a girl only environment that we need more adult help.  If you are 18 or over you can have fun, make new friendships, use and develop skills, travel, gain satisfaction from working with girls and young women - anything you want!
Interested?  Contact fran@ouraquoy.com or visit www.girlguiding.org.uk/friendship