Jack Whitwell and India Johnson

by Stephanie Cullen - 13:48 on 19 February 2019


   With the turn of the year, we decided to introduce two of our newest additions to Orkney Creative Hub team with their very own exhibition at For Arts Sake. India Johnson and Jack Whitwell are both Fine Art graduates from Newcastle that have made the leap of faith to come to Orkney on work placement and we hope that they have received the best of Orkney welcomes.

   India has recently featured in the FBA Futures Exhibition which showcases outstanding art graduates of the year so we’re feeling very fortunate to have her here, the sample of work that we have on display at the gallery demonstrates her inclination to focus on the quotidian. Every day objects, such as fruit or flowers, are given the spotlight and painted in bright and bold colours or carefully picked out in aquatint with a deliberation to show the slow-process of creating these pieces. The audience are invited to slow down and look at these objects with more attention.

   Meanwhile, Jack is a highly skilled photographer who is clearly capable at turning his hand to just about anything, as seen in the photogravures and collages that we currently have on exhibit. Photogravure can be a slow process and requires some knowledge and experimentation, the results are some very atmospheric monochrome prints of the Northumberland coastline which really play with chiaroscuro. Light swirls in on sea-foam and almost obliterates the dark shapes that are rocks, the use of light In the picture representing its subject: the water itself which is eroding the landscape.

   India is currently set up at our Loom Room in Hatston and is giving workshops on weaving, Jack has given some well-attended photography workshops for Orkney Creative Hub, keep an eye out on the Orkney Creative Hub Facebook page if you are interested in joining them for some fun lessons (and sometimes cake)! The exhibition featuring their work will be on display until February 23rd, the gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10-5 and Saturdays 10-4.

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